Meat from the Pit

Venison in rhubarb leaves

One method of preparing meet is to wrap it in leaves and – placed between hot stones – cook it in the cooking pit. In our case, we will try this with roe deer meat.

You will need:

  • a pit and fireplace
  • stones that are suitable for heating
  • gloves
  • leaves and branches to cover the pit

For the preparation:

  • venison (in this case, roe deer)
  • garlic
  • herbs (wild garlic onions, cow parsley/wild chevril, buckhorn and/or stinging nettle)
  • (coarse) salt
  • large leaves (rhubarb or coltsfoot)


First, place the stones on the fireplace. They must be heated there for at least one hour. Then prepare the meat by cutting it into portion-sized pieces. The size of the bits of meat also depends on the size of the leaves that are available. Now season the meat with the previously chopped herbs and plenty of salt and wrap each piece in a leaf. You can break off or cut off the stems of the leaves that are too thick.

Now carefully place the heated stones as a layer in the fire pit. Place the pieces of meat wrapped in the leaves on top. Continue alternating stones and meat until you have placed everything in the pit. To concentrate the heat, you can cover the pit with branches and leaves. A leather cloth is also very good for this.

After about an hour, the meat should be cooked and you can take it out of the pit. But be careful, the stones are still hot!

You can watch our attempt in the following video: