The eMuseum offers a new format for conveying and presenting knowledge. At its heart are the ArchaeoStories, which tell multimedia narratives about the Sky Disc and the Sky Paths. A special highlight are 3D applications developed especially for the eMuseum. These formats will be modified and expanded step by step - just as exhibition spaces in museums are constantly changing.

The Nebra Sky Disc

This find of the century is the centrepiece of the Sky Paths and was included in the UNESCO World Document Heritage "Memory of the World" in 2013. The 3,600-year-old Sky Disc can be seen today in the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Saale) and is part of an Early Bronze Age hoard found on the Mittelberg hill near Nebra. It shows the world's oldest concrete representation of astronomical phenomena and thus gives us an insight into the knowledge of our ancestors.


The Sky Paths

The Sky Paths are a network of archaeological sites of special cultural and historical significance and museum institutions in Saxony-Anhalt. At its centre is the world of the Nebra Sky Disc. It is flanked by important prehistoric sites that all have one thing in common: a view to the sky.

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