Goseck archaeological site

Goseck archaeological site

Basic information

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Place of discovery:   Goseck, Burgenland district
Type of find: Circular ditched enclosure
Coordinates: 51.198138 N, 11.864601 E  
Diameter: 70-75 m
Dating: Middle Neolithic
  (ca. 4900 bis 4600/4550 v.Chr.)
Cultural groups: Stroke-ornamented Pottery Culture
Excavations: 2002-2004
Site directors:    François Bertemes, Peter F. Biehl, Andreas Northe


Overview of all topics

* Editor’s note:

All details are based on already published literature on the site as well as on selected results of the as yet unpublished dissertation: N. Literski-Henkel, Die mittelneolithische Kreisgrabenanlage von Goseck, Lkr. Burgenlandkreis. Univ. Diss. (Halle [Saale] 2016) (in press).