Langeneichstädt archaeological site

Langeneichstädt archaeological site

Basic information

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Place of discovery: Langeneichstädt      District: Querfurt Saalekreis
Site no.: 12

Field name: Eistädter Warte

Ordnance map: 2678 Coordinates: West 19.1; Nord 18.3
Type of find: Collective tomb  Length: 5.30 m, Width: 1.90 m
Dating: Middle Neolithic, Final Neolithic
Absolute dates: 3369–3105 BC, 2850–2600 BC (C14)
Cultural groups: Salzmünde culture
Walternienburg culture,
Bernburg culture
Corded Ware culture
Excavation: April to August 1987      Excavation supervisors: Andreas Hille and Detlef W. Müller


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