Fire Pit

Preparing the "cooking pot"

In prehistory an earthen pit was used as a „baking oven“ and „cooking pot“. To this end stones preheated in a fire are laid in the pit and the food placed on them is slowly cooked by the concentrated heat. Please do not use limestone or stones larger than 10 cm in diameter. Cover the hole with a piece of leather during the cooking and baking process to concentrate the heat. This way the meat can cook well.

It is best to dig out the pit with a spade. The diameter and depth of the pit depend on the number of guests you want to feed. A pit 40 cm deep and the same diameter is usually sufficient.

Then use several burning logs to dry out the inside walls of the cooking pit to increase its strength. For repeated use, it is worthwhile to line the sides of the pit with damp clay and let it dry slowly.

We show you how to prepare the fire pit in the following video: