Flatbread with Herbed Quark

Flatbread with Herbed Quark

You will need

  • a large bowl
  • a slab of slate, granite, or soapstone
  • untreated firewood

Before you start, set up the fireplace, light it, and let it burn down.

Ingredients for the flatbread

  • 3 cups of wholemeal flour (emmer, einkorn, spelt or wheat flour)
  • a little butter or lard
  • water or sour milk
  • salt

Ingredients for the herbed quark

  • quark
  • salt
  • fresh wild or garden herbs
  • spring onions


Mix the water or sour milk with the flour to form a smooth dough, which you leave to swell overnight. Now add flour, salt, and a little butter to this pre-dough. The flatbreads are particularly tasty if you substitute a third of the flour with grated or finely chopped hazelnuts.

Now carefully place the stone slab over the embers of your fireplace. To make it stable, you should place some stones between the embers and the slab. Form tennis-ball sized balls from the dough and after flattening place them on the hot baking surface. Now let your flatbreads brown slowly, and turn them over once.

For the herbed quark, finely chop the herbs and mix with the remaining ingredients.

You can watch the preparation in this video: